Notes from Marketing as a Digital Humanist session

Thanks to Dani Picard for sharing her notes from the Marketing as a Digital Humanist breakout session!


Marketing as a Digital Humanist



  • How do you define yourself as a brand?
  • Are there disciplinary parameters? Sub-field parameters?
  • Is there pushback when talking to people outside of the humanities? In industry? Pushback from IT friends/colleagues?
  • Interconnected nature of work: Connect to teaching; help us understand new ways to teach, to display information.
  • Developing a deeper understanding
  • Does a hestitancy come from how you want to consider your career:
    • Alt-ac: make broader appeal to skills
    • Academic route: associated with traditional academic realm,
    • If it’s too much enthusiasm for the technology, it harms your ability to show certain aspects of yourself as an academic (rather than alt-ac). Don’t lose the ability to talk about larger concepts.
  • Thinking about audience: Institutionally specific? Small liberal arts colleges are interested in DH (but want its connection to students/classroom). Who do you scare off people if you talk about coding? Too heavy on tech and it alienates parts of your audience.
  • Interdisciplinary aspect of DH
  • Flexibility and Vision



  • What do you take into account?
  • Website
    • Do I need two websites for the different brands? (Like you might have two CVs)
    • Hub for everything else (then the viewer can decide what they want)
    • Website possibilities: WordPress, SquareSpace, Jekyll
  • Links to projects (in academic job apps)
  • CV? → Heading for Research Experience, DH Experience, Programming Skills
  • Github



  • Blogs (HASTAC)
  • Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Centers
  • Presentations/Conferences
  • Video Tapping
  • Tweet-storms with appropriate hashtags (know what communities would be important!)
  • Moderating email lists or Reddit
  • Websites like HybridPegagogy, media commons, Editing



  • Using work to connect with community
  • Github
  • Twitter


What are people currently doing?

  • It’s good to have your own intellectual work/research questions/scholarly questions as a way to market yourself. More to offer the DH community broadly.


A lot of this is about networking, how are we talking about our projects? How do we tell the story about our teaching/research? (ask for input from others on this!) Articulating self-knowledge is difficult, but writing statements (teaching statements, research statements) help! There isn’t ONE specific way to talk about digital pedagogy — instead, what are your beliefs about what it is and how does it affect what you do on the ground?


Links to Good CVs/Digital Presences